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Terra Consilia

The eminent real estate company
Terra Consilia LLC is a real estate holding company. Terra Consilia specializes in multifamily and commercial property. Terra Consila purchases, manages, develops, and maintains these properties using unparalleled quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

Sales Leaseback

Terra Consilia engages NNN sale leasebacks. If you have a property that you are interested in selling and lease back to free up your capital so that you can properly run your business, then contact us. It may be possible for us to come to an agreement where you can still control your property - the non-core aspect of your business - and put your capital to work. The proverbially having your cake and eating it too scenario.

Partnering Relationship

Are you interested in partnering with Terra Consilia on a real estate transaction? If so, then please feel free to contact us. We primarily focus in the mid-Atlantic region but would be willing to venture outside of this region for the right deal.

Terra Consilia LLC

A Pantheon Company
Services List:
  • Portfolio Management
  • Property Development
  • Sale Leasebacks